We dedicated ourselves to offer free educational contents to Thailand's Cardano community while promoting network decentralization. We follow stake pool operator's best practices for maximum security, availability, and reliability.

Become a more educated ADA HODLers

New Cardano investors often get swayed by price fluctuations and market emotions. In the end, they often either fomoed bought or panicked sold their positions. We have a clear vision that once ADA HODLers learn the technical fundamental of Cardano and its design philosophy, one will eventually understand the value of ADA they are holding in their private keys!

Through proper education, it is quite easy to establish a peace-of-mind and becoming a better investor. We want to contribute to the Cardano community by providing free educational content on our Youtube channel

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Server Reliability is our priority

Our pool is committed to run the Ouroboros protocol 24/7, on behalf of the contributing delegators that HODL their hard-earned ADAs. Our servers are distributed to 2 locations (1 Block producer node + 2 Relay nodes). All servers' specifications are future-proof with 4vCPU, 24+GbRAM, SSD Persistent Disk, and frequent snapshots. So our delegators don't have to worry about us missing any assigned leader slots (if there's no height battle).

Pool Stat

Pool ID
600,000 ADA
Fixed cost
340 ADA